Ministry of Defence

Lands & Engineering


Engineering section of the board is entrusted with construction and maintenance of buildings for the cantonment area.

ENCROACHMENT : During the visit of the officials of the Board the encroachment on Cantonment land (Class C & B-4) /Defence land (excepting Class C & B-4 land), if noticed, the notice under PPE Act is issued to the person(s) concerned in respect of encroachment on Cantonment land and in respect of encroachment on DEO land, the same is informed to the DEO, Siliguri Circle. The parties concerned are asked to remove the encroachment or else the same is removed by the Cantonment Board/DEO at the risk and cost of the persons concerned.


If any person makes construct of a building without prior permission of the Board, the construction is treated unauthorised. During the visit of the officials of the Board if the unauthorised construction is noticed, show cause notice is issued to the party for removal of the same. The matter is referred to the Board for consideration, and thereafter notices under Section 248/320 of the Cantonments Act 2006 are issued to the party. The party to submit the composition building plan for regularisation of the unauthorised construction by the Cantonment Board and if the same is found within bye laws and FSI, the same is compounded with the approval of the GOC-in-Chief, Eastern Command, Kolkata by charging necessary composition fee as decided by the Board. However, if the construction is not within FSI / or as per building bye laws, the same is required to be removed at the risk and cost of the owner.

General Land Register General :

General Land Register (GLR) is the authenticated record of the Govt of India in respect of lands and tenures situated in the Cantonment. It is held by the Cantonment Board in respect of land situated in civil area and by Defence Estate Officer, Siliguri in respect of lands situated in non civil areas of the Cantt. It is a public document and can be inspected by anybody by paying a nominal fee to Board or DEO as the case may be. No other authority or department is competent to maintain this record. Corresponding to GLR there also exists a plan called GLR plan indicating the site maps of various survey numbers of the land situated in the Cantonment.

The recorded entries in the GLR include:-

  1. Survey.No.
  2. Area
  3. Description/purpose of property
  4. Classification of land
  5. Tenure of land and the name of the HOR.

The GLR is a legal document and entries mentioned in it are admissible in court of laws.


Any person desiring to obtain a copy of any record mentioned in the GLR can apply on a general application form available at the website or in the office stating the purpose for which it is required. The applicant shall have to pay a fee to obtain this record, called GLR extract.

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